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Hands 2 Paws is the best place to find the dog that's perfect for you!

Welcome to Hands 2 Paws

Dogs are humans’ oldest companions. Our deep relationships with them goes back over 30,000 years. They have been by our side and have migrated with us throughout every corner of the world and every step of the way. Yet, we don’t always make the right decision when deciding which type of dog is best for our living situation. The one-of-a-kind Hands 2 Paws App is designed to help you assist you in finding the best dog to fit your lifestyle and environment.

About Hands 2 Paws

The HANDS 2 PAWS App is created by lifelong dog lover and owner, Elizabeth Menegon. Elizabeth’s dedication to raising dogs has allowed her a keen insight on their relationship with their human owners. One of her clearest observations is that not every dog is a compatible match for its owner, and vice versa. The HANDS 2 PAWS APP is here to aid you in selecting the most suitable dog based on two key indicators: Lifestyle and Maintenance. These two factors are critical to choosing the most appropriate dog for you. In fact, sixty percent of owner surrenders are due to the incompatibility between the owner’s way of life and the unexpected upkeep of the dog they choose. Twenty five percent of those surrenders are pure bred dogs.

Match Yourself With The Perfect Dog Breed!

The formulaic design of the HANDS 2 PAWS APP questionnaire and algorithms will guide you in key areas such as grooming, barking, shedding, energy level and more. The user is able to choose between: Pure Breed,Rescue, and It Doesn’t Matter. In HANDS 2 PAWS founder, Elizabeth Menegon’s own words, “An animal is an emotional and financial commitment and not an accessory. My mission is to make sure that you are matched with the right dog bringing each of you many healthy years of happiness and enjoyment.”


Create a Mutually Loving Companionship For You And Our Ancestral Best Friend

By assuring you select the right dog with HANDS 2 PAWS you will also contribute to the reduction of puppy mills as well as the abandonment of dogs to rescue shelters where close to half are euthanized. Create your profile at HANDS 2 PAWS today and take the first step in finding and creating a mutually loving companionship for you and our ancestral best friend. You can download HANDS 2 PAWS for free today on your IPhone and Android.

Dog Owner

Additional Features

Lifestyle Matching

The app matches you with a dog based on your lifestyle, making sure you find the perfect companion that fits your daily routine.

Comprehensive Questionnaire

The app has a comprehensive questionnaire that covers grooming, barking, shedding, energy level, and more. This helps you make an informed decision on which dog breed suits you best.

Breed Options

You can choose between pure breed, rescue, or it doesn't matter options. This ensures that you find the right dog breed based on your preference and needs.

Reduce Abandonment

The app is committed to reducing puppy mills and dog abandonment by helping you find the right dog that will fit well with your lifestyle and environment. By using the HANDS 2 PAWS app, you are contributing to this mission.

"This app is like none other. I was able to find my forever dog! I'm so excited."

Phillip L.

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