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The RUNIT app is the very first and revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) simulation sports betting app in the world.

Sports Betting Simulator Powered by AI

Successful sports bettors are incredibly rare. On average, professional bettors achieve a winning percentage of around Fifty Five percent. Their success stems from a blend of sports knowledge, analytical prowess, and meticulous evaluation of game factors. They invest substantial effort. But what if there was a platform today that could exponentially boost the odds of victory for average bettors? What if an app could intelligently outperform casinos, bookies, and pro bettors? Enter the RUNIT app.

Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence simulations.

RUNIT is the world's first groundbreaking AI simulation sports betting app. It's designed specifically for the average bettor, offering unparalleled analysis through deep learning and AI-driven analytics. By examining both visible and unseen factors, RUNIT provides an enhanced understanding of game outcomes before the coin is tossed.

For a small fee, you can select any upcoming NFL football game from the schedule. RUNIT will run up to 1,000 simulations, considering weather conditions, player performances, injuries, past match-ups, and more. Want even greater accuracy? For a slight additional charge, you can increase the simulations to a remarkable 10,000! Moreover, RUNIT's NFL Artificial Intelligence goes beyond tout services, offering individual intelligent picks at an affordable cost.

Giving the edge to the everyday user.

The brains behind the RUNIT App are industry veterans John Mauro, Matt Mauro, and Shane Torres. As passionate insiders, they recognized the lack of opportunities for regular sports bettors to gain legitimate insider knowledge. Motivated by this realization, they created RUNIT to level the playing field for the average bettor.

Whether you're an experienced sports bettor or simply looking to make smarter bets on your preferred NFL games, RUNIT is the app for you. With RUNIT, you'll have the tools and insights to enhance your betting strategies and place wiser bets.


Bet like the pros.

Exciting news awaits! RUNIT will soon introduce a wider range of professional sports for you to bet on, all powered by their advanced AI technology. From basketball and horse racing to baseball and even legendary past team match-ups, RUNIT has got you covered.


By utilizing the sophisticated simulations provided by the RUNIT app before game time, you can bet like the pros and make informed decisions. Let RUNIT handle the heavy lifting for you, ensuring you make safe bets with confidence. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity – download the RUNIT app on your iPhone or Android device today. Your journey to smarter and more successful betting starts now.


App Features

Harness the Power of Incredible AI

RUNIT's AI-driven deep learning and analytics enable unparalleled analysis of both evident and hidden factors influencing game outcomes. Gain invaluable insights into every game's determinants, even before the coin is tossed.

Run Extensive Simulations Effortlessly

Select any upcoming NFL game, and RUNIT will conduct up to 1,000 simulations, encompassing weather conditions, player performances, injuries, historical matchups, and more. Explore a comprehensive range of variables to refine your betting strategy.

Expand Simulations Seamlessly

Boost the precision of your analysis by effortlessly increasing simulations. With a nominal fee, unlock up to a staggering 10,000 simulations! Additionally, RUNIT's AI can provide individual intelligent picks at an affordable cost, eliminating the need for pricey tout services.

Easy to use

The Runit app is an extremely simple app to use and get results in an instant.

This is such an awesome app. I love all of the different variables you can add to the game in order to get different results.

Frankie K.

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