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2022 Is On Its Way: Technologies Used in Mobile App Development & Trends to Look Out For In 2022

The global mobile app market is hot, and it’s predicted to sizzle for years to come. According to Statista, global revenue from mobile apps is expected to reach $613 billion by 2025, way up from $318 billion in 2020. With this increase in growth comes plenty of opportunities for mobile software developers and engineers to boost their apps and deliver a best-in-class experience for those who use them.

As the end of 2022 nears, it’s time to look into the future and plan ahead. This article will examine the trends and technologies used in mobile app development that creators, developers, and engineers can take advantage of.

2022 Mobile App Development Trends

2022 is the year that previously out of beat technology will become more mainstream—5G, augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning will all see an increased adoption to meet modern consumer demand. People’s lives are also becoming increasingly digital, extending to how they get their information, how they shop, and how they communicate. Keep reading to find out which trends we expect to see.


While not mainstream (yet), the use of 5G is rapidly increasing and is on track to become the new standard for mobile technology. According to Statista, the global 5G technology market is forecast to hit $620.72 billion by 2030. With its user friendly benefits like increased performance, lower latency, and fast data transfer, the timed for your mobile app to utilize 5G connections is now.

Mobile Commerce

As more and more shoppers are starting to prefer online buying, more retailers are building native apps or progressive web apps (PWAs) to provide a better shopping experience. Unlike e-commerce, mobile-commerce involves online purchases via app and not web page. The mobile commerce market is expected to increase to around $22 billion by 2022, likely due to an increase in engagement conversion rates and revenue growth after building a PWA for their business.

AI and Machine Learning

With the goal of delivering personalized user experiences for mobile apps, AI that uses machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics will be the key technologies to incorporate. AI is essential for navigation, natural language processing (NLP), and speech recognition. Behavioral algorithms can also enhance security by analyzing user behaviors and detecting suspicious activities such as fraud and potential information breaches.

PWAs and Instant Apps

PWAs are becoming increasingly popular because they fill in the gaps left by most native apps and web pages. Faster loading times, reduced dependency on internet connections, automatic updates, and faster development times make PWAs a strong choice for both businesses and consumers.

The AppBros

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