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Android vs iOS: How to Choose Which Platform to Build your App

If you’re building an app, choosing whether to develop one for Android or iOS is one of the first decisions you come across.

A lot of the times, people will choose the option of developing on both platforms simultaneously as it will usually save a lot of time and money to do so from the start.

So how do you decide whether to launch your app on iOS, Android, or both?

There are pros and cons when it comes to both platforms, but ultimately, the decision comes down to five factors:

  • Audience

  • Timeline

  • Desire features

  • Budget for maintaining your app

  • Revenue goal

Building an App for iOS or Android Depends on Your Audience

There are key differences between Android and iOS.

For example, Apple dominates the App Store in customer spending, but Android devices have the greatest global market share.

One must consider their target audience’s demographic and geographic characteristics when choosing which platform to develop first.

If you are targeting a broad global audience, Android may be the better choice. Android is dominant in global up-and-coming markets, including Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

If your audience is in North America or Western Europe, or you’re an e-commerce or enterprise app, Apple may be your best bet.

If you plan on dominating on a global scale, doing both platforms from the get-go would be the best option.

Making an App for iOS can, be a Quicker Choice

It is much easier and faster to develop an app for iOS — some estimates put development time for Android at 15-30% longer.

A reason iOS is easier to develop is its coding. Android apps are typically written in Java, which is a language that involves more writing than Swift, Apple’s official programming language.

Another reason is that Android is an open source platform while Apple’s enclosed ecosystem means you are developing for fewer standardized devices and operating systems.

With that being said, the Apple App Store has stricter rules regarding quality and review process, so it may take longer for apps to be approved.

Developing an Android App Means More Flexibility with Features

There is more flexibility to customize your app because of Android’s open source ecosystem. This means you can build the exact functions and features that your audience wants.

Of course, an open environment means that Android can be more susceptible to malware and pirate applications.

Apple is generally seen as more secure due to its closed nature.

Monetizing Your App Depends on the Probability of Making Purchases on Android or iOS

iOS users are more likely to pay for apps than Android users, so free apps with in-app ads are more common.

Key app monetization differences include:

  • Android outperforms when it comes to utility apps.

  • Shopping apps generate the greatest revenue, and North America leads in sales.

  • China is the biggest driver of iOS revenue as Asian users spend 40% more on in-app purchases.

  • Both Apple and Google offer subscriptions and give developers a bigger cut of the revenue.

If you want to monetize your app without ads, whether through in-app purchases, subscriptions, or freemium models, Apple may be your best choice.

However, both Google Play and third-party Android stores are expected to surpass the App Store in terms of revenue.

The App Bros can help you choose which platform to go with based on their years of experience.

Android vs Apple vs Both: The Choice is Yours

Who your audience is, where they live, your development timeline, application features, and budget all determine whether you should build an app for iOS first...or Android first.. or both.

All 3 options are perfectly viable. Our team at The App Bros can always help guide you based on our extensive knowledge.

With mobile users steadily increasing, making a mobile presence is imperative for businesses. Digital transformation is shaping the future of every operating business, and building a feature-rich application with the help of a skilled team of developers and designers can take your idea to new heights.


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