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Are Apps Helping Kids Learn from Home?

In today’s day in age, there is no escape from technology. Any child born since the millennium has grown up with the internet by their side. As technology continues to become more mainstream, it has been assimilated into the learning environment. Several schools use tablets and computers in the classroom along with giving homework that requires the use of educational apps. The use of technology in K-12 education is gaining major popularity, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the transition to at-home learning has become the norm. Continue reading to find out how the infusion of app-based learning from home is helping students tremendously.

The Advantages of Educational Apps

There is no doubt that children love to use educational apps as they are stimulating and fun. While teachers can have difficulties getting children to pay attention to a classroom lesson, they rarely struggle to motivate a student to use a computer or phone. Students seem to become more curious about a particular subject just for it being on an app. Using educational apps can help promote interest in topics that students might disregard otherwise.

Future Preparation

Computers are utilized in almost any profession. Using educational apps prepares children to use technology, as well as acquire the skills and abilities necessary to perform everyday tasks or job functions.

Individualized Learning

It is commonly known that no student is the same and children learn in different ways. While some rely on auditory clues or other senses, some are more visual learners. An app can appeal to several types of students and allow children to go at their own pace rather than having to follow a certain rate of instruction. In addition, learning from home without a teacher’s direct influence encourages the value of supplemental and independent study.

Removal of Special Education Barriers to Learning

Technology can provide children with disabilities an easier way to learn that they cannot receive in a traditional learning environment. For example, there are apps that focus on helping autistic children develop social skills and dyslexic children to learn how to read. Making progress individually is important for students who do not want public scrutiny.

Academic Performance

Although research is still being conducted in this area, there is evidence that the implementation of educational apps do help children learn. For example, education researcher Maya Lopuch found that “elementary and middle school students who used iPad apps as part of their learning curriculum improved their performance on a national assessment of Common Core domains. Students raised their performance nine percentage points, from the 51st to the 60th percentile after using iPads for just three months.” University of Southern California professor Michelle Riconscente found that “fifth graders' test scores improved just over 15 percent, compared with a control group, after playing a fractions game app for 20 minutes each day over a five-day period.” Finally, Houghton Mifflin conducted a study measuring the effectiveness of using an app to help learn algebra in middle schoolers. They found that “20 percent more students scored 'Proficient' or 'Advanced' in understanding algebra using the app rather than a textbook.”

Teacher Assistance

In addition to assisting educators with grading, organization, and supplemental work, technology greatly influences how a teacher educates his or her students. Apps can work as built-in lessons and help a teacher better track a student’s progress. Furthermore, apps can enhance in-school learning by offering different approaches to a subject from home.


The amount of trees needed for books and school worksheets could fill a forest. Using learning apps can reduce the need for paper, writing utensils, and other supplies.

Why One Should Invest In Mobile App Development

Looking to create your own educational app? With technology advancing every single day, making a mobile presence is imperative. With future exploration and development, education apps and technology can be a powerful tool to improve the education of our youth. Digital transformation is shaping the future of every operating organization, and building a feature-rich application with the help of a skilled team of developers and designers can take your idea to new heights.

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