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Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development & Design

Mobile apps are more than just marketing tools, and their use extends far beyond marketing gimmicks. For businesses, the cost of developing applications can be critical to ensure long-term profitability, not only by providing creators with competitive advantages, but also by creating customer loyalty, both potential and existing.

Aside from that, customized iOS and Android apps work to retain clients and convert opportunities into leads. This is the main reason why the development and design of custom applications is a very attractive option for a business that wants to gain momentum.

If you are looking to leverage the power of mobile application development solutions, here you can find out why modern technologies help businesses stand out with their services or products.

Designed to Make Mobile Data Faster

Our fast-paced way of life makes users very demanding when it comes to the speed of their gadgets’ screens load sites and online stores. According to Kissmetrics research, 46 percent of smartphone users leave the page if it does not open within the first ten seconds. For this reason, online stores must be enough to be able to build a strong core of regular consumers.

With this, mobile applications have a huge advantage over websites. Since mobile applications for online stores and services do not require a connection to the internet in order to provide users with basic functionality such as price checking or product comparison, they effectively use the entire device’s performance capabilities.

In addition to speed, applications are superior to traditional websites in the following aspects, such as ease of use and adaptation for mobile devices, access to the native functions of the smartphone including the camera, GPS-navigation, voice recognition function, and its integration with social networks and personalization of content.

Mobile Apps Convert Visitors into Customers, Ultimately Increasing Sales

According to Forbes, mobile apps increase sales and project revenue in both the e-commerce and m-commerce segments. Customers spend three to four times longer on mobile apps than on desktops, while also spending twice as much money than on mobile websites. The conversion rate for mobile applications is much higher than for mobile websites, and the average order value on mobile apps is 140 percent higher than on mobile websites and 130 percent higher than on desktops. The shopping cart abandonment rate in applications is only 20%, while in mobile versions of the site–97 percent, and in desktop versions–68 percent.

Mobile apps set users up to purchase, especially since their functionality allows you to pay for an order with one simple click. Besides, the enhanced functionality of mobile applications allows businesses to have more control over user interaction and receive more detailed analytics compared to websites.

These benefits help business owners personalize content more accurately, and, as a result, implement better recommendation systems to grow conversion rates.

Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest perks of mobile apps is their ability to create brand loyalty. According to Adobe, “67 percent of online shoppers, who use their mobile devices to make purchases, prefer apps offered by their favorite companies and brands.” Therefore mobile apps make connections between brands and consumers much more durable.

The App Bros

An increasing number of startups or businesses are using custom mobile app development to their advantage in staying ahead of the competition. A customized mobile app gives consumers a means of interacting with your business or brand. In turn, this leads to increased sales, higher quality customer service, loyal consumers, and better consumer perception.

Thinking about creating your own mobile app? The App Bros is a full-service iPhone and Android app development company with the goal of guiding you through every stage of the app design and development process while providing you with a wide range of services to better your business.

Click here to get started for free today.


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