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Native Apps or PWA, Do You Know the Difference?

What is a Progressive Web App?

The Progressive Web App is an ultra optimized website for mobile, able to use some of the device’s features, such as the camera, microphone, and GPS, all while operating offline. Users access PWA from their browser - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or other - and download its content while browsing. In simpler terms, a PWA is a website with all the benefits of an app.

Developing a PWA has several benefits:

  • Allows you to save both time and money since it is only developed once.

  • Because a PWA is accessed from a web browser, you don’t have to submit the application in the App Store.

  • Users do not download all the content of a PWA before using it, therefore they can access content at a much faster pace, directly via a URL.

  • Uses less data.

  • Since no downloads are required, PWAs use only a small amount of the phone’s memory.

  • If users enjoy the PWA, they can easily share it with a short URL consisting of only ten characters.

  • Users can register the PWA in his/her favorites and an icon will appear on the home screen.

What about native apps?

Native applications are developed twice, once for iOS and another time for Android, working optimally on all types of devices. The apps and all of their content are downloaded from the Store (Google Play or Apple Store). In 2016, native apps accounted for 87% of all mobile traffic.

Native applications also have several advantages:

  • Native applications remain extremely secure and are a reliable way of accessing information.

  • User navigation is fast, smooth, and enjoyable.

  • A native application is able to interact with other native apps, for instance allowing users to connect with Facebook.

  • Native apps allow users to utilize features like geofencing: sending a push notification when approaching a geo-localized point.

  • Native applications also offer greater opportunities in terms of user experience and interface, increased customization, etc.

  • Similar to PWAs, native apps are very easy to update. If one has opted for a two-step download, you can change the application’s content without re-submitting it to the stores.

The App Bros

Looking to develop your own native app or PWA? With help from The App Bros, a skilled team of developers and designers, your ideas can be taken to a new height.

Visit https://www.theappbros.com/ and get started for free by filling out the form to help turn your iOS and Android app dreams into reality.


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