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The Fundamentals of Mobile/Web App Development: Four Things to Consider

When it comes to mobile and web app development, there are many aspects that should be considered. Here are four considerations that should always be top of mind.

1. User Experience

Your mobile strategy has to be user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging. In order for your app to be developed and optimized for “user and real-life experience,” collaborating with your target audience and end-users is important to understand their needs and how the app will really be used. Making sure your app is easier and faster to work with when users are outside of the traditional office setting is key.

2. Security

As the world moves more and more into the “connectivity everywhere” era, mobile apps should not be excluded from your company’s cybersecurity strategy. Apps can contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers, health-related data, etc. Mobile apps are usually installed on smartphones or tablets, therefore it has become even more critical to secure both the device as well as the apps and data installed on the device. As the process of development unfolds, integrating the security component at the time of design is crucial.

3. Know Your Audience

It is important to spend time before development begins to understand the end-users of your app and what their normal day looks like. One must take the time before app development begins to run a study and understand your audience’s nuances.

4. Agility & Ease of Deployment

On top of making the experience of your mobile app exceptional for users, its ease of deployment is just as important. Making sure the core supporting infrastructure is simple will help the team gain flexibility and agility in terms of support and improvements. The development team’s job will be much easier and will give them more time to focus on app enhancements instead of fixes.

To summarize, first, consider your users early in the design phase and again during testing. Whenever possible, keep things simple—don’t complicate the user experience by adding extra bells and whistles. Make security a priority and take advantage of built-in operating system features. And finally, make sure that your team is designing features that your target audience wants, not what others think will be cool.

The App Bros

Mobile and web app development continues to rise, so if you’re not into the business yet, get in and start creating. With help from The App Bros, turning your iOS and Android app dreams into a reality is only a click away.


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