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Third-Party Apps Among the Most Successful on the App Store

Economists from Analysis Group published a recent report on the proliferation of third-party apps on the App Store, with insights into how these applications perform in several different categories ranging from music streaming to maps, among others. The report finds that third-party apps experience broad global and regional success on the App Store, showing a large amount of opportunity for developers and the wide range of variety available to users around the world.

Since the App Store’s launch over a decade ago, the number of third-party apps has grown from 500 to more than 1.8 million–compared to the measly 60 mobile apps offered by Apple (first-party apps). Today, more than 99.99 percent of iOS applications are created by third-party developers, driving a competitive and growing marketplace that contributes to a dynamic experience for consumers to the benefit of both Apple and third-party developers, such as The App Bros, alike.

“The App Store has grown substantially throughout the years, sustaining an expanding community of developers and content creators and fueling a massive and growing ecosystem. This growth reflects the dynamism of the App Store, its community, and its ecosystem, which benefits developers, users, and Apple,” said Juliette Caminade, Ph.D., and Markus von Wartburg, Ph.D., of Analysis Group.

The report studies apps from third-party developers and Apple across several popular app types, breaking down global and regional top performers. It also highlights how many channels developers have to distribute their applications, including mobile platforms to PCs and videogame consoles.

The report also offers deep insights on a wide range of app types, from service-based apps that offer music, movie, or TV streaming, to core smartphone features such as communication.

“Our quantitative analyses of engagement with apps (not merely app downloads) demonstrate that, across many app types, Apple’s own apps are eclipsed in popularity and account for a relatively small share of usage,” continued Caminade and Wartburg.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Third-party apps are the only options for consumers for entire types of mobile applications, including dating services, social networking, food, drink, and travel planning.

  • Third-party apps are most popular with iPhone users in most regions for major app types, including TV, movie, and music streaming, communication, reading, and mapping apps.

  • iPhone app users often use multiple apps within one category, watching videos, reading the news, and communicating, emphasizing how easy it is for users to switch between apps and the range of opportunities for mobile app developers.

  • Apple’s own apps account for a small share of mobile app usage among users.

The App Bros

Third-party apps continue to succeed in the app marketplace, giving creators the opportunity to develop any app they’d like while reaching a large audience. Mobile application downloads continue to rise, so if you’re not into the business yet, get in and start creating. The App Bros have worked on several different app categories, includingproductivity, food and drink, and education.With a skilled team of developers, The App Bros can turn your iOS and Android app dreams into a reality with the click of a button.


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