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What is the True Value of Mobile Apps?

Many ask, is it valuable for retailers or brick-and-mortar businesses to have a mobile app? The answer may surprise you.

Throughout 2021, InMobi’s mobile intelligence team researched data, looking to see whether app owners in QSR, retail, or service categories visited physical storefronts more or less frequently than non-app-owning consumers.

The good news is that if you have been spending money to strategically optimize and build an audience for your app, it has been found that app owners are more likely to engage with a brand as compared to those who have not downloaded said app.

But before diving deeper into the results, let’s first look at the evolution of mobile apps and why this research is important.

App Environment Evolution

For those who were around when mobile app stores first launched, it seemed as if everyone created apps. There was a seemingly unlimited amount of consumer enthusiasm to download and use mobile applications.

But as the app environment has matured, apps captured consumers’ attention through ease of use and simplified workflows, putting them ahead of the game. In 2022, eMarketer predicts that over 35% of all time spent with media will be devoted to mobile, and over 80% of all time spent on mobile is devoted to iOS and Android apps.

Still, some businesses remain hesitant to invest or launch an app of their own. Even as the amount of time spent on apps has risen dramatically due to the pandemic–more than three and a half hours are spent in apps per day–some brands think they can solely rely on word of mouth or marketplace apps to reach the mobile-first consumer of today. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Study Findings

Here’s a snapshot of what InMobi’s 2022 research found:

  • Retail app owners visit a brand’s physical store locations 37% more frequently than non-app owners do.

  • Pharmacy app owners visit a brand’s physical store locations around 27% more frequently than non-app owners do.

  • Burger QSR app owners visit a brand’s physical store locations 39% more frequently than non-app owners do.

  • Pizza QSR app owners visit a brand’s physical store locations 17% more frequently than non-app owners do.

Why are these results so noteworthy? The study reveals that app owners are more loyal, which is key in an era of plummeting brand loyalty.

Brands everywhere are facing a loyalty problem, and now more than ever, are coming to understand the need for first-party customer data. Apps can help address these issues. With consumers spending more and more time on mobile applications, apps give brands a direct connection to their audience, allowing them to better understand what their customers want.

The App Bros

Going forward, the businesses that invest in their own apps are the ones that will be in the best position to succeed in 2022 and beyond. Mobile app developers, such as The App Bros, have helped bring several apps to life. Finding a mobile app development company that can bring a groundbreaking app idea from conceptualization to launch can be very beneficial for any brand.

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