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Which Mobile Apps Are Popular with Small Businesses for 2022?

Josh Davidson is the owner of ChopDawg, a software company based out of Philadelphia. For him, like several small-business owners, mobiles apps have had an astonishing impact on the way his company is run.

“I’ve been doing this for 14 years and we’ve never been able to work smarter or more efficiently, thanks to the mobile apps we use,” he said. “We’re able to do things today at such a more expedited and well-organized pace than ever before.”

Sound familiar? Well, it should.

Just in 2021, small businesses and consumers spent nearly four trillion hours using mobile applications and paid over $320,000 in iOS and Android app stores every minute of the day throughout the year–an increase of nearly 20% from previous data collected in 2020. This data is according to a recently released report from analytics and mobile data company App Annie.

With the prevalence of mobile applications, full-service mobile app development companies like The App Bros help small businesses create apps to help keep their brands running efficiently and effectively.

Email Is Crucial

As stated in previous articles, the largest part of this consumption was for social media and gaming. But mobile app use has become a staple across all kinds of businesses, regardless of their size. So what mobile apps are most popular for 2022?

It’s no surprise that email apps lead the list, and the most popular email applications are Google’s Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. But messaging has also expanded to several social platforms, which means that many small businesses are also using tools provided by social media apps such as Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate with their customers and teams.

There are many other email apps, such as ZohoMail, Aqua Mail, and ProtonMail. Many small business owners like to use the SQRL App, designed by The App Bros, which brings together all correspondence into one place and helps prioritize messages, allowing you to respond efficiently.

Collaboration Tools

Thanks to many companies switching over to remote working, online collaboration suites have become helpful tools for businesses. Google Workspace and Slack are among the most popular mobile applications that help both business owners and their employees share documents, conversations, emails, videos, and notes about their customers and projects.

Box is also a very popular online collaboration tool among businesses, and Dropbox is frequently used to quickly retrieve and store files. Trello is often recommended for project management.

Most small businesses now utilize customer relationship management (CRM) systems to help them track activities, quotes and leads from existing and potential customers. Other popular CRM mobile solutions come from Salesforce and Zoho. Microsoft Dynamics is another popular option.

And the books?

Many business owners use mobile apps from QuickBooks and other accounting applications to help them conduct invoicing, retrieve financial reports, and check balances on the go. Most also use mobile payment solutions from PayPal and its subsidiary Venmo, Square, and ApplePay to collect payments at the time of sale or on the fly.

A few are expanding their use of human resources mobile apps such as ADP, Paychex, and BambooHR to allow employees to manage time off, view their payroll history, expedite the onboarding process, and update information used in performance reviews.

The App Bros

Running a small business means juggling different responsibilities, so being as productive as possible is the key to remaining profitable. The takeaway is that mobile apps have become crucial tools for businesses of all shapes and sizes–and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Looking to create an app for your small business? From design to launch to marketing, The AppBros can help you turn your iOS & Android app dream into a reality.

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