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2022 Apps Trend Data Shows Stocks, Dating, and Photo Editing are the 3 Most Popular Types of Apps

The global app market has grown rapidly so far in 2022, with many new developers and apps making their mark on the industry. Free mobile applications tend to dominate the market because of the simple fact that users get to use services without paying and developers can earn revenue through several other, more effective methods. See our article on app monetization here. A new report just released by Mozzillion can help one understand what kinds of apps are most popular on various platforms this year alone.

After all of that has been said and done, it is crucial to recognize that dating apps are by far the most popular. The monthly Google search volume for dating apps has been approximately 450,000 in the last six months. That's almost as much as the combined total of the next two app categories on the list, stocks and photo editing, which each had a monthly search traffic of 256,000 each during the same time period.

Music, games, and photography apps all received search volumes of nearly 135,000 per month, followed by weather and video applications which got 110,000 searches on a monthly basis between October 2021 and March 2022. Rounding out the top ten list are design apps and betting apps that received search volumes of 49,500 each.

Lobby, a social video streaming app, and the social networks LiveIn and Be Real were the fastest-growing apps during this time period. Even if this is the case, gaming apps continue to be the most popular across all app shops and resources. Rovio Classics, which costs around a dollar to download, was the highest-ranking paid app, and 8 out of the top 10 apps seeing the biggest increases in their app store chart rankings were free apps.

These findings suggest that free mobile apps see a level of dominance that apps cannot compete with, so many more started to utilize a freemium download model as well.

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