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Trending: Meta Quest Fitness Stats Can Now Be Tracked on Oculus Mobile App & Apple Health

Whether you’re landing punches in FitXR or dodging swings in The Thrill of the Fight, virtual reality workouts are a great way to bring on a sweat. However, you often forget you’re even working out while doing it. Now, the act of tracking your Meta Quest fitness stats from VR to your phone is totally possible. Once you’ve installed the Move app–Meta Quest’s built-in fitness tracker that allows you to set goals for the number of calories you’ve burned and how much time you’ve spent working out virtually–you can pick to sync your Move stats with the Oculus Mobile App and Apple Health. In the past, that information was only available in Move while in-headset.

Syncing Move Stats to Your Phone

If you have yet to set up the Move app on your Meta Quest or Meta Quest 2, you can easily find it in the apps panel found on the headset. Access apps by onboarding them from the menu bar, and you will then be guided through a short onboarding process to set your Move goals.

Once the Move app is set up and ready, you can choose to sync your Move stats to your device by using the following simple instructions according to Meta’s website:

  • First, opt-in to sync your data from VR to your Oculus Mobile App.

    • From the Move app in VR, tap on Settings in the bottom right corner.

    • Scroll down to Connect Move to Oculus Mobile App and toggle the switch on.

    • Your Move stats, including information like Move minutes, calories burned, and goals will be encrypted and stored on our servers so you can track your fitness progress from the Oculus Mobile App.

    • You can disconnect your Move stats from the Oculus Mobile App at any time by going to your Move settings while in-headset.

  • Next, after your VR workout session, open up the Oculus Mobile App on your phone.

    • Click the Move tile on the Explore tab

    • You’ll see the Move dashboard, which will show your stats for the day. You can also filter by app or see your monthly calendar view.

Syncing with Apple Health

For those who use iOS, you will also have the ability to sync your statistics with Apple Health so that all of your day-to-day activities, both in and out of virtual reality, are available in one single place. Syncing your stats with Apple Health will automatically keep track of all VR workouts on your Apple Watch or iPhone without having to manually enter information regarding your exercise. The features are gradually being rolled out.

  • To connect your Move stats with Apple Health:

    • Connect Move with the Oculus Mobile App using the instructions above.

    • Tap on the Connected Apps tab at the top.

    • Tap on the toggle next to Apple Health to enable syncing. If prompted, provide permissions for both Active Energy and Workouts.

When you connect to Apple Health, Apple Health will receive information about your Meta Quest exercises, including the apps you used, the approximate calories burned, and the headset you're using. This will allow you to use Apple Health to track your Move activities. Users can always disconnect from Apple Health through the Oculus mobile app. Doing so will prevent any new Move data from updating in Apple Health, however, your past Move activity will remain.

If you are an Apple Watch owner, you can easily locate your Move statistics on the Fitness mobile and Watch app, listed beneath the “Fitness Gaming” category.

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