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App Launch: STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence

STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence is a vocational rehabilitation program and downloadable app for adults and teenagers with disabilities. Developed with the help of The App Bros, the STRIVE app is specially tailored to support individuals who are diagnosed with disabilities. The Exceptional Excellence Employment App is curated specifically towards disabled adults and teens who are on the search for a job. Fully equipped with accessible features including voice to text, closed captioning, consultation, text highlighting, and more, STRIVE shines bright in comparison to other apps that do not offer the kind of accessibility used in special education and vocational rehabilitation programs today.

Katrece W. shares in one of STRIVE’s website testimonials: “I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when I was born, as a young adult and a single parent I struggle with job seeking due to my disability. I never had a job before and I needed support from Vocational Rehabilitation resources. And a resource such as Strive For Exceptional Excellence supported me to find a job I like and make it a career”

Sign Up

Consumers using the Exceptional Excellence employment app can sign up for a membership at just 99¢ per month. Users will have the ability to access in-app features that are focused on vocational rehabilitation support. With a paid membership, most features can be accessed 24 hours a day, while the ConsultED feature is available during business hours Monday through Thursday.

Sign In

Signing into the Exceptional Excellence employment app is simple. All users need to do is enter their name and password to get started. All information is private and can only be viewed by the individual user.

Your Information

Strive for Exceptional Excellence LLC, GA asks that all users review its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy prior to entering any information. Your information will include your first and last name, your city and state of residence, zip code, and telephone number. The app will ask you to confirm all information.

Job Search

Searching for a job can be a job in itself. STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence is dedicated to lessening any stress that comes with looking for employment opportunities. STRIVE’s app users will need to fill out any required details and view jobs that match their preferences. Completing this app feature helps to tailor your job searching experience. Providing specific details about locations and job positions will allow the Exceptional Excellence App to narrow down job listings that will populate for each user.


The user profile page lists resumes, job searches, favorite job listings, applied jobs, and account settings. The profile page will store user information and can be retrieved by the user at any time.

The Exceptional Excellence App will list potential places of employment. Customers will be able to apply to jobs listed directly on the App.

Businesses interested in listing job openings are asked to contact STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence at Contact No. 404-281-5764 or Email info@striveforexceptionalexcellence.com.

Click below to download the STRIVE app on the Google Play Store

Click below to download the STRIVE app on the App Store

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