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New App: All About NurseLTC App

The NurseLTC App is a long-term care nurse’s best friend. The app guides nurses throughout their day and helps them manage time effectively while staying organized. Depending on their specific role and shift, NurseLTC presents a daily checklist of tasks and gives long-term care nurses the opportunity to prioritize tasks, make schedules, and type or dictate pertinent notes for your end of shift report.

Even better, NurseLTC has over ninety six built-in step-by-step guides on performing difficult tasks such as acute transfers, admissions, discharges, and more! With the help of The App Bros, the mobile application also has a built-in community that provides mentorship, support, training, and education opportunities to new graduates and nurses who want to further advance their careers in healthcare. You will be guided through nine steps by the self-explanatory NurseLTC App, including logging in, planning your workday, determining your needs for the day, and summarizing your completed tasks.

Signing Up on NurseTLC App

Make NurseLTC your go-to app by signing up and creating a NurseLTC account with your email and password.


Create your profile. Enter your first and last name, role within the facility, and credentials. By doing so, NurseLTC can efficiently assist you in your work process. With the app, you may choose your work shift and facility details like meal times, medication administration schedules, staffing levels, and nourishment hours. NurseLTC will then send you reminders and a daily shift task list that will help you plan your day accordingly.

Let’s Get Started

NurseLTC helps you pause and think throughout your day as you would during assessment in the nursing process. The app presents you with an in-depth checklist to constantly remind you of the important tasks that are needed to be completed throughout your workday. You also have the option to add, edit, or delete tasks to make your workflow more practical. When adding a task, you can input the task description and assign levels of priority to them.

Planning Your Day

Rearrange jobs according to priority level. Set alarms for tasks, plan your shift's activities, and make useful notes to help you navigate your day. NurseLTC will notify you of critical responsibilities so you can keep on top of your to-do list.

For your convenience, a reference resource guide will appear when you tap on the desired work task. Through NurseLTC, there are more than ninety six "how-to" resources available. Making NurseLTC your friend will make taking on new responsibilities less stressful.

Daily Check-In Summary

Every nurse must assess their day's performance and guarantee task fulfillment. Select completed tasks and generate a detailed, summarized report that you can refer back to when reporting to the next incoming nurse.

Download the NurseLTC app for iOS or Android today!

The App Bros

Today, working in healthcare is hard. With the advancement of technology, a wide variety of apps are bettering the lives of both healthcare workers and patients through mobile integration.

Looking to create your own mobile app? Visit https://www.theappbros.com/ to help turn any iOS and Android app dream into reality.


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