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New App: Fantasy Downs App

With the help of the daily fantasy sports app Fantasy Downs, fans of horse racing and those with an interest in the sport may increase their actual betting experiences by following real live races that are taking place at their track. Fantasy Downs is well positioned to thrive, first and foremost because it is anticipated that one billion people play digital games globally already. As people's entertainment and social engagement preferences alter and advance, it is anticipated that this number will increase dramatically. The market for fantasy sports is currently around 18.6 billion dollars, and by 2027, it is predicted to be close to 50 billion.

Bret Richards, the mastermind behind the Fantasy Downs app, comes from a long line of dedicated thoroughbred professionals and enthusiasts. Richards even has an equine dentistry practice that has been open for over 33 years where he has treated winning thoroughbreds such as former Horses of the Year, Gun Runner, Curlin, and Rachel Alexander. It was his love and passion for legendary horses that created the inspiration behind the Fantasy Downs app.

With the help of The App Bros, Richards was able to develop a smooth interface between fantasy games and the gift of horse racing experiences.

Fantasy Downs is the first fantasy horse racing game to be made available on an iPhone or an Android device. Through a highly secured site and database, players will begin by choosing a racetrack. Following that, participants can enter daily drawings for cash rewards based on thoroughbred racehorse performances at your selected track. They can make their choice by looking at the daily race forms, looking at the horse's color, or listening to the catchy sound of a name. This alone will keep users entertained the entire time.

The Fantasy Downs app will not only make it simple for fans of horse racing to wager on their favorite events, but it will also inform many people about the different horses, tracks, and jockeys that exist in our world. Participating racetracks will receive a percentage of the app’s take without any outer influences.

Fantasy Downs creates a seamless integration between fantasy gaming and the fun of horse racing. Welcome to the future.

The App Bros

With a team of the best UX/UI designers, software engineers, app architects, and twenty-plus years in the world of product design, tech, marketing, sales, and finance,The App Bros have put togethercountless apps while simplifying the mobile app development process to make it as smooth as possible for everyone. As technology continues to grow, creation is just aclick away.


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