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New App: Introducing ReSTART Resources App

Life is about getting another shot and having second chances. It's about going through hardship and emerging stronger as a result. It also involves realizing that you are not alone in your anguish and suffering. There is hope, and there are people and places to support and help you, whether you have recently been released from jail, a mental health facility, or are undergoing or have finished treatment. You have access to services right now that will give you the chance to get back to a better version of yourself and the life you deserve. The ReSTART app is the perfect source to guide you in this new chapter of life. With support and instructional materials, ReSTART Resources is committed to assisting those who have been incarcerated in ending the vicious cycle and making the transition back into society. No matter where you are in life, the ReSTART iOS and Android app can help you discover how to move forward and achieve any goals or aspirations you may have.

Breaking the Cycle

Within the first year of treatment, almost 85 percent of those in recovery relapse. The majority of the time, it's because they didn't ask for help or know where to turn to. Chris Hagidiakow, a recovering addict who spent years in and out of jail primarily due to his drug addiction and committing crimes, is the creator of the ReSTART app. After years of struggling, he accepted that having a solid support structure in place was the best route to rehabilitation. He compiled a list of various professional resources, wellness facilities, and healthy experiences available to anyone seeking recovery with the goal of preserving it after so many years of research and experience.

“Restart is dedicated to building a community of people who can connect and support each other in their recovery process. Individuals who download the ReSTART App begin their journey to a better life by sharing their story and realizing that they are not alone.”

ReSTART App is a resource directory that links you to local wellness and spiritual facilities as well as places for education, treatment, and employment opportunities. ReSTART also offers a variety of free activities, such as running, yoga, hiking, and more, at various locations and centers nearby. Chris, who currently runs a sober living home for addicts who were recently released from incarceration or mental health facilities, credits his incredible recovery to the different support systems he allowed to enter in his life.

The app has interests you can choose from, ranging from Recovery, Mental Health, or Legal. ReSTART supports people, organizations, and nonprofits in successful community engagement so they can accomplish their goals and increase their positive impact. Businesses may quickly run campaigns, publish promotions, or advertise jobs. App users will see these, which will then be advantageous to both users and businesses. In addition, there is a convenient dashboard where you can track your progress.

In his own words, “I understand what it is like to feel as if there is no hope and things will not change. I have struggled with what you are going through. I am here to tell you that people do care. Restart is my way of giving back and guiding you to a life of fulfillment.” Download the ReSTART app at zero cost today on either iPhone or Android and take the next step to recovery and a better you.

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