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New App: Hands2Paws Helps Users Find the Perfect Pet

Are you looking to determine which dog breed is the best match for you or want to locate a suitable rescue dog that is currently available? Hands 2 Paws is the perfect place! By employing an algorithm to match users with breeds based on their responses to a set of questions, Hands2Paws eliminates the element of guesswork. The Hands2Paws mobile app helps users locate reputable breeders and available rescues while providing comprehensive breed information.

By utilizing a perfectly developed algorithm to match users with breeds based on their responses to a set of lifestyle questionnaires, Hands2Paws’ iOS and Android app eliminates the element of guesswork. Options are given to the user in a lifestyle and expectations questionnaire that also includes photographs and thorough breed information. The app will connect the user to an ethical breeder on the Specific Breed Association website once they've selected a certain breed. Each breeder Hands2Paws suggests is a Breed Association member and is bound by a code of ethics. The app will propose suitable canines within a 200-mile range of the user's VPN if a rescue is selected.

Your go-to resource for locating the ideal canine breed based on your particular needs and way of life is the Hands2Paws App.

There are a few factors to consider while trying to identify your ideal dog breed. First and foremost, do you desire a breed that is renowned for intelligence and trainability? Do you favor smaller breeds of animals? Why don't you groom my dog? The ideal breed is one that requires little grooming. Hands2paws will discover a match based on these requirements as well as a few others.

Taking your time when making a decision on which dog breed you like is important. There are several different personalities and living habits that go with each one, so it’s crucial to read through the descriptions carefully.

It's time to find your future furry best friend after answering the questions and looking over your matches. You will then be directed to the Breed Certain Association if you have chosen a specific breed. You may find the list of breeders as well as all the information you require about the breed in one location. Here, you can get in touch with a breeder and ask about available litters. Afterward, the breeder will be able to tell you more about each puppy, their medical history, and what kind of disposition they are most likely to have. You will be able to pick the ideal puppy for your family once you have this crucial information in your possession.

Like a virtual matchmaker for dogs, the Hands2Paws mobile app connects pets. It can locate your ideal pup based on what kind of dog you would like and then help make sure that they are just as enthused about meeting you!

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