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New App: Introducing Mind Is Matter Mobile App

Build Positive Emotional Intelligence

The mind is an incredibly magical and mysterious place. It is where our thinking, imagination, and feelings are all created. It is also the place where the majority of our emotions are born. The four most typical emotions we have are happy, sad, angry, or nervous. The emotions and thoughts we experience will often gauge how we will feel throughout the day. There are different times when we may be happy, mad, sad, or even anxious. All human beings experience these natural feelings.

Developing Emotional Skills

India Cuttino, a former college all-star athlete and contestant in beauty pageants, developed the Mind Is Matter app. India recalled all the occasions when, while competing and attempting to maintain her academic schedule, she experienced tension and anxiety. She had always hoped there was a place where she could go for assistance in navigating all of those many and occasionally perplexing feelings. You have Mind Is Matter at your disposal, ready to lead you and assist in providing an explanation for why you feel the way you do. The app asks you "How are you feeling today?" when you first open it and then directs you to various activities that will help you better understand that sensation based on your selection. In order for your parents to assist you, there is also a dashboard that explains your current feelings. You can also look around on the Learn page, where there are tons of materials you can share with your parents to make them more aware of your thoughts and actions.

The Importance of Positive Emotional Development

Mind Is Matter is aware of the value you place on your ideas, feelings, and the need to develop healthy emotional intelligence. You will be led to a safe space by using the app's activities, which will also help you better comprehend all the many emotions you experience during the day. You may have fun while controlling your emotions and preventing emotional overload by using the Mind Is Matter app. Because your mind is lovely and important, download it on the App Store right away.

App Screens

Add Child

On the Add Child screen, you can add your name, age, and a photo for your unique profile. For younger users (5+), parents/guardians can have control and set up their child’s profile. Parents/guardians can add as many child profiles as they’d like.

Completed Activity

Once you finish utilizing the suggested activities, you are free to explore the rest of the activities offered.

Suggested Activities

After you choose your mood for the day, you will have several activities available for you to compete based on the mood you chose.

Activity Menu

Here you can find all of the activities available. Check back regularly for new activities that have been added.

Learn Screen

This page is loaded with articles for both you and your parent/guardian. These articles are here to help educate you about any feelings that may seem confusing to you. There are also several fun activities to try at home.


In the settings section, you can manage your monthly subscriptions, edit your profile, and change your password.

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