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New App: Introducing RC Meets

The remote control market is currently experiencing an uptick of growth. Today, several RC businesses and hobby shops are recording phenomenal growth stats, with some brands even doubling their businesses within the last couple of years. To add to the news, the RC world is expected to continue to grow significantly throughout the next couple of years, according to the highly respected research firm, MarketWatch. However, the question remains: With all the buzz hovering around RC vehicles, where is the actual RC community meeting?

The answer is the RC Meets App. RC Meets is your go-to source to meet other RC enthusiasts such as yourself. The app offers users an independent space to share all things RC-related, exchange experiences, and establish meeting points.

Finally, a place where RC devotees can come together.

Jeffrey Wilson, a longtime RC buff, is the mastermind behind the app. After years of seeking to connect with other RC hobbyists and hours of extensive research, he compiled loads of in-depth information and created the ultimate RC guide. With the help of The App Bros, the app development company behind SQRL, Barmade, and STRIVE, Wilson was able to transform his guide into the mobile app of his dreams.

The RC Meets App is filled with meeting places including fairgrounds, festivals, events, race track locations, reservoirs, and more. You can even choose which RC category you prefer, from monster trucks to boats, helicopters, crawlers, drones, and more.

Looking for something fun to do? One of the coolest features the app offers is the ability to alert fellow RC fans in your area about planned or spontaneous meetups. Anyone looking to join an event can send a request from the events page.

RC Meets is also the perfect place for hobby shops to promote their products, sales, and locations. This works for mobile mechanics who want to share their specialized services as well. The RC Meets App is your go-to place for all things unique and special in the growing RC community. In the words of RC Meets founder Jeffrey, “I developed RC Meets to bring the RC community together and share our passion for it while creating epic journeys together.” Download the RC Meets App for free today on IPhone or Android.

Your RC community is waiting for you, get started with the click of a button.

The App Bros

The App Bros pride themselves on developing both Android and iOS apps that garner maximum downloads on Google Play and the App Store. From conceptualization to launch, we utilize the best UX/UI designers, app architects, and software engineers.

Get started for free by clickinghere.


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