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4 Must-Have Apps for All Your Holiday Travels

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means… let the traveling begin! While your holiday destination might involve family and fun, getting there can be difficult. Many cities have created mobile applications that are official handheld travel guides to their cities. For example, mobile app development in Indianapolis has evolved to create apps such as Visit Indy, a mobile application where one can discover where to eat, drink, sleep, and be entertained with the help of your device’s GPS.

But before we get into destinations, you have to get there first. Getting around doesn’t always have to be frustrating. Here are four indispensable apps for making holiday travel a little easier.

PackPoint: Leave Nothing Behind

If packing isn’t your thing, give PackPoint a try.

Users can tell the app how many days they plan on being gone, which types of activities they will take part in, how many dinner reservations they have, and it will automatically generate a handy packing list according to that information. It even checks the weather at your destination to make sure you bring the right outerwear.

While the app’s free version has plenty going for it, the $3 premium version adds TripIt integration, synchronization with Evernote, the ability to create custom activities, and a handful of other premiums.

Timeshifter: So Long, Jet Lag

Traveling from one coast to another or overseas can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. Get ahead of jet lag with the Timeshifter app.

The science-based app allows you to enter where and when you will be traveling and will then create a user-specific plan that aims to keep your circadian rhythm moving along smoothly.

It will advise you when to avoid caffeine, when to expose yourself to sunlight, when to (and when not to) sleep, all in the days leading up to your trip and after you have arrived.

This app is free for first-time users. After your first round-trip jaunt, you can buy trips starting at $10 or purchase unlimited access for only $25 a year.

Grab: Mobile Food Ordering at Airports

Imagine the simplicity and convenience of a mobile takeout order except instead of driving to go pick up your food, you simply walk a few airport gates down to grab it.

This is possible with Grab, a free mobile app that not only shows you what food spots are available nearby while you’re waiting for your flight, but also lets you order and pay ahead so you can head straight to pickup.

Grab works with a majority of airports in the U.S. and several international ones as well. The app even integrates with Concur to sync your receipts for any meals you need to expense to your company. It also gives you step-by-step directions when heading towards your selected restaurant so that you don’t get lost.

The AppBros helped bring a similar app called Barmade to life. Barmade is an easy way of ordering drinks and food without the hassle, simply place your order on your phone and pick up the order when it's ready at a designated area.

Dayuse: Non-Overnight Hotel Deals

Your flight has been delayed for just long enough that the idea of waiting around at the airport makes you squirm, yet the thought of paying up for a hotel room you’re barely going to use is just as bad.

Dayuse is an ingenious service that allows you to book reputable hotel rooms in non-overnight blocks at much lower rates than you’d pay for a full-night stay. Simply tell it where you are located and pick the date you need. Options are automatically positioned to today and tomorrow, so it’s carefully positioned for travelers in a tight jam.

Ninety-five dollars for a quick room at the Boston Park Plaza between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. instead of the full rate of $190? Yes, please.

The AppBros

As mentioned earlier, mobile app development in Indianapolis and other cities is creating helpful tools to make travelers’ lives easier.

Building a feature-rich application with the help of a skilled team of developers and designers can take your idea to new heights. The App Bros has helped bring several mobile apps to life, including SQRL, Barmade, and STRIVE.

Visit https://www.theappbros.com/ to help turn your iOS and Android app dreams into reality.


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