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Most Common App Development Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

It has been found that 28 percent of global users uninstall mobile applications after 30 days of using them. Moreover, a study conducted by uSamp states that 71 percent of uninstalls are due to crashes, while Google suggests that 70 percent of them happen as a result of a long downloading time. Mobile app development experts have discovered the most common app development project pitfalls and what needs to be done to avoid them.

App Purpose

Who would you target if your app had no purpose? The biggest blunder is not having a clear goal in mind when designing an app. Apps are frequently designed and used as competitive tools to elicit interest simply because others are doing the same.

Only when your app solves a genuine need can it be considered useful. When your mobile application is both unique and valuable, it might become a go-to bookmark for dedicated users.

Quality assurance should be included in the development process rather than being done at the end. Checking the app's goal and conducting concurrent tests throughout development is key to avoiding any problems.

Lack of Research

Manas Singh, tech lead at eComStreet, says that one of the biggest pitfalls app developers make is failing to perform in-depth market research before development. This research is essential in ensuring that the app meets all of the target audience’s needs.

"App development is a long process," said Singh. "Pay attention to in-depth market research which will help you understand the problem and establish a unique value proposition for your product's users. By doing in-depth market research you can understand the user's needs and do the development accordingly."

Not Giving Importance to User Experience

Because apps are created for users, the user experience is a critical aspect in determining an app's success or failure. Several seminars, annual events, and conferences are available to aid with this widespread problem.

Some app developers, on the other hand, overlook this critical component and its intuitive design at times. Experienced app developers, such as The App Bros, make sure to create a simple, user-friendly UI design that is memorable and a seamless and smooth user experience.

Run usability or user acceptance testing (UAT) on an app numerous times before releasing it to see how it functions on a mobile platform. This type of testing can help you gain a better knowledge of the user experience and personas, as well as how people want to interact with the app.

Wireframe the entire design process to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

Third-Party Integrations

According to Lukasz Korol, CEO and co-founder at Code & Pepper, one of the major app development project mistakes is ignoring the influence of third-party integrations that can potentially affect the app development process.

"A common pitfall is to ignore the potential impact of third-party integrations," said Korol. "Such external integrations can slow down or block [the] development process if we encounter any business logic or technical incompatibilities. The best way to avoid such a risk is to test the integration in a proof-of-concept phase."

The App Bros

To avoid any mistakes that can affect the success of your app, creators should opt for app developers with relevant years of experience, expertise, and knowledge in the field of mobile app development.

The App Bros have helped bring several successful mobile apps to life, including SQRL, Barmade, and STRIVE. With a team of skilled designers and developers, The App Bros can turn any iOS and Android app dream into a reality with the simple click of a button.

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