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Top 3 Apps for Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced several companies to either shut down or implement work from home strategies for their employees. However, even before the unprecedented effects of the pandemic, remote working was increasing in an upward trend for businesses all over the world. A survey conducted in 2019 found that nearly 30% of the Americans surveyed worked remotely full-time, with 62% of them working from home on a regular basis.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best WFH apps that can help increase the productivity and efficiency of any remote worker.

Whether your goal is to keep in touch with the office through video conferencing or stay organized with a project management tool from the comfort of your couch, you will find everything you need below and remember that The App Bros can help you build your own app, which maybe becomes the next great company on this list!

1. Zoom

Few will be surprised to find Zoom on any WFH must-have list, following its exceptional performance in 2020. While many have had problems with Skype freezing frequently during online meetings, Zoom has become the go-to conferencing app. The brand name has even begun to be used as a verb. Its generously-packaged free version allows users to utilize unlimited one-to-one video calls, while up to 100 participants can join meetings for up to 40 minutes.

For longer meetings, businesses will need to purchase the Pro package, which comes with 1 GB of cloud recording. This means that video calls can be recorded and uploaded to Zoom’s cloud storage. The Business-level subscription includes transcription features and additional branding that permits up to 300 participants.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

2. Trello

Keeping teams organized and on track is easily the most difficult workplace aspect to replicate from home, but with Trello, leaders can manage tasks seamlessly. This Kanban-board-style app allows teams to create detailed boards with templates filtered by category, including business, education, design, and engineering. These boards are made up of lists of composed cards. The cards can be edited, shared, added, or passed between lists, giving all teammates access to tracking progress. The app’s goal is to help easily visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency. Other useful features include due dates, checklists, attachments, and labels.

Trello’s Butler is another useful feature that allows users to implement automations.

Availability: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web

3. Slack

To ensure a remote working place is successful, a company must have a flawless communication strategy between teams. “Where Work Happens” is the slogan that accompanies Slack, and the app’s massive growth throughout the last few years ranks it among one of the world’s most widely used messaging tools.

Over 750,000 companies use Slack, which offers features such as being able to set up a range of different channels that can be organized by group or subject, with direct messaging also available. Video calls via slack can include up to 15 people, and files can be shared within conversations.

When it comes to working from home, the previously mentioned tools should increase productivity and efficiency while boosting communication levels with your colleagues, clients, and collaborators.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

Why One Should Invest In Mobile App Development

Looking to create your own work-from-home app? With mobile users steadily increasing, making a mobile presence is imperative for businesses. Digital transformation is shaping the future of every operating business, and building a feature-rich application with the help of a skilled team of developers and designers can take your idea to new heights.


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